The Daily Post

The Beach

A book, a beer, a towel and a chair –  I have all I want.

As the sun shines down on me, not a cloud in the sky, I feel the warmth of those I have lost surrounding me – protecting me.  I think of my mom and dad and how much I miss them – wishing for just one more hour or day with them.

I run the sand through my toes and my fingers, as I think of the difficulties in  life and how quickly everything can fall out from under you.  Like a mound of sand – nothing is solid; however, as water is to sand, friends and family are to life – creating a solid foundation from which to survive and grow.

The beach


I stare out at the ocean, watching the waves – the whitecaps as the children play at the edge, laughing as they dodge the cold water when the tide comes in.  The peaks and valleys of the waves are akin to the ups and downs of life. There will be times of peace and joy as the ocean is calm; but the troubling winds will come again to create pain and turmoil, throwing me against conflict after conflict.  I do my best to tread water and hold on, as I remember my mantra, “When you’re tired of fighting the current, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, for in the blink of an eye, the current can shift and things are calm again.”

A book,a beer, a towel and a chair – I have all I need.

~ Sophie



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