Questions someone living with anxiety asks every day:

Why can’t I cut people out of my life when I’ve had enough?

Why can’t I treat people in the same shitty way they treat me?

Why am I so trusting?

Why do I continue to care about people even after I’ve been used and thrown away?

Why do I feel so alone even when I am surrounded by friends?

Why can’t I have a relationship that I’m not scared of losing?

Why am I a giver, but don’t have the courage to take?

Why do I have a hard time asking for what I need?

Why am I not good enough?

Why does my life seem like an endless circle of confusion and frustration?

Why am I afraid of the future – the next day, hour and minute?

Why have I turned into someone I don’t recognize anymore?

Why can’t I be happy with what I have?

Why do people see love as just a word and not an action?

Why can’t I say No when all I want to do is curl up in a ball?

Why do I feel like it will never get better?





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